Vasche da gelateria "P" con COPERCHIO

"PC" container = "P" container + "Coperchio", Italian word for "lid"

Following several requests, after careful consideration we decided to add LIDS to our "P" ice cream containers (3.5/3 kg or 5 L). We believe this is a further enhancement to our products.

The size of packaging boxes has been slightly increased to contain the lids. As a result, the number of ice cream containers which can be placed on a single pallet layer (80 x 120 cm pallet) sank from 14 to 12 containers.

Over the past few years, we have been covering the price increases of several raw materials (for example, milk, eggs, hazelnuts, pistachios and strawberries) without rising our prices. Unfortunately, we can't cover the additional cost of lids as well. However, the price increase related to the new packaging has been limited as much as possible.

The transition to "PC" containers will start in March 2019, however it won't affect all of our flavors (more than 50) at once. During this transition period, the previous and the updated container formats will coexist and the ordered quantities will be rounded off based on the format available, to facilitate order management. We chose the best lids available on the market and we believe that you will appreciate this change.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Vasche da gelateria "P" con COPERCHIO